Workday Alternative

Workday Alternative

With the reality of COVID-19, there have been a lot of changes including our plans for a workday. Normally we gather during one of the first Saturdays in May and tackle a bunch of cleaning, and projects to get our facilities ready for the spring and summer.

Since we can’t get together in large groups and we still have work projects we will let you book a time with Keith Nelson our Facilities Director to come and volunteer. Below are a few guidelines that we ask each for volunteers and below that a list of projects that need some attention.

We appreciate people’s willingness to come and help out. The ministry at Covenant Bay relies heavily on volunteers and would not exist without their generous support.

Guidelines for Volunteers:

  • Must call ahead at least a couple days prior to your desired day of work so any arrangements can be made beforehand. 
  • No more than 10 people on site. 
  • ‘Safe distancing’ measures to be practiced while restrictions apply. (Same family/household units may work together). 
  • Do not come if you’re experiencing Covide 19 symptoms. 
  • Meals will not be provided. Please bring your own food. 
  • Bring proper work clothes and supplies for your desired task. (Supplies may also be available onsite). 
  • Safe work practises procedures to be maintained at all times. 

Call Facility Director; Keith Nelson, to arrange a time/project, for further details or questions. Thank you for your willingness to serve in this way!

Keith’s cell (780-361-7310)

Projects List for volunteers:

  • Leaf raking. 
  • Cleaning inside buildings
  • Tree removals, log splitting, deadfall collection areas. (Move to burn pile). 
  • (Staining/painting projects available). 
  • Small garage door installation. 
  • Renovate moved cabins; (installing shelves, counters, window installations, etc). 
  • Deck construction. 
  • Equipment servicing. 

(And many more projects available)

Leadership Investment Program

The Leadership Investment Program is for students aged 14-17. Participants will grow in a relationship with Jesus by living in a community, serving in ministry, and receiving instruction in discipleship. All of this is led by program coordinators whose aim is to empower the participants to develop!

If your application is accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the weeks you are part of the program.

Applicants who are 17 and have graduated high school may apply for a paid or volunteer summer staff position. See our staff page.

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